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About the Owners


Rodger and Pui Pongtratic have been proud Phoenicians for over 35 years. Both originally from Thailand, this enterprising team have been staples in the community with past ownerships of The Pink Pepper in northern Phoenix, The Bali-Hi Motel & Bar in downtown, and then in 2011 taking over Thai E-San in the heart of the Melrose district. They can also be seen at select city events and festivals and offer catering services for special events. Rodger and Pui LOVE food-- it is at the center of Thai culture-- and they both take pride in serving fresh and flavorful food. They take pleasure in entertaining and introducing Thai culture and new flavors and dishes to their customers. From the hand-selected decor to the genuine Thai hospitality and attention to service, they truly set the stage for an authentic experience. Rodger and Pui have worked hard to create a favorite local eatery, and welcome all to visit and experience their food. Feel free to ask for either one of them for recommendations! 





About The Esan (Isan) Region


Located in the northeastern area of Thailand and with influences from Laos and Cambodia, Esan cuisine, is known to be a little spicer and richer in herbs and sauces. Deceivingly simple, each dish is distinct, aromatic, and multi-dimensional. With every dish, there is a sweet, salty, spicy, sour, and savory component and with each bite, a new layer of flavor unfolds. Sticky rice is a favorite and fun pairing with almost any dish from this region along with family-style sharing. Fresh and exotic ingredients are essential and is what makes Esan food unique. Thai Esan takes pride in using the best ingredients to elevate the natural flavors of traditional Esan food. Pui hand picks produce daily so only the freshest ingredients are used while natural (non-refined) palm sugar and Thai spices from Rodger's hometown, Phetchburi, are imported to ensure the taste is true to Esan. Som tum papaya salad, larb spicy salad, and Esan fermented sausage are favorites classics from this region as they exemplify the true flavors profiles of Esan. We hope you enjoy!

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